The School Badge.


Our Motto “Menor et Fidelis” means “Mindful and Faithful”. This requires us to take care in our association with our fellow men to only do things that will help to build them up. We will also be faithful in our duties, even though at times, may seem insignificant and we will strive to be faithful to God.


School Badge


The Bible occupies the centre and is a symbol of the spiritual activities which are the main distinguishing features of Christian education. It stands for the emphasis we place on the Word of God, as a rule of faith and the living spring of spiritual growth.


It is the purpose of our School to produce not only keen Bible students but also practical, physical and healthy citizens. In manual work we find recreation and mental refreshment. Equally valuable are the sense of self-respect and independence engendered by a task well done and the lasting satisfaction of a skill acquired.


As a symbol of intellectual enlightenment and wisdom, the lamp holds an honoured place. Christian education trains learners to think clearly, constructively and independently.


Having received a well-balanced education and training which imparts spiritual strength, physical ability and mental insight there is placed in our hands the flaming torch of truth, a symbol of the rich legacy of honoured predecessors. Filled with a sacred responsibility to them and to our fellow men, we carry that torch to dispel the darkness of ignorance, prejudice and fear. It is the Holy Spirit which leads us all.


The Mountain is Table Mountain behind the school. The mountain stands in our minds for steadfastness and vision, for from its rugged height we scan wide horizons beckoning us to service.


Before Hillcrest came Spioen Kop College and Union College. Their experience and example have been as guiding stars and will continue to inspire us as we tread the path of Christian education.


Over the whole rests the royal symbol of achievement, the golden crown. We strive for that incorruptible crown which is the final reward of Christian endeavour.